Tanzania Outreach Stories

Good afternoon dear readers! I have compiled a list of outreach stories on my Instagram to give you a sneak peek into our outreach and all the amazing work God did. He is SO PRESENT in the country of Tanzania! See the stories compiled below…


During our first week in Arusha, we participated in an after-school SOCCER MINISTRY for young boys. The vision of this ministry is to break the cycle of absent fathers in Tanzania and to disciple young boys to be strong leaders and faithful men of God. We shared with them the story of the Prodigal Son. They each noticed themes of love, forgiveness, and redemption. After the study, one young boy shared that when he was reading the story from the Swahili Bible, He felt God’s love for Him. Another shared that he used to be afraid of God but after reading this story He knows that God truly loves him so he doesn’t have to be afraid anymore.

Each week in Tanzania, our team would pile into a bus or van like this yellow school bus and go to visit churches in the area. What an encouragement to worship with believers from another country! Here at this church in Arusha, one of my teammates shared a testimony of the Father Heart of God and how God redeemed her family. This story ministered to a brother and sister in the congregation who had recently lost their parents. We saw the true meaning of the Scripture passage “weep with those who weep” and prayed over them healing and restoration.

God is REDEEMING FAMILIES in Tanzania!


In Singida, our DTS split up into different MERCY MINISTRY teams, traveling 5-10 miles on foot to carry valuable food supplies to remote houses. During these house visits, we also ministered to the families through prayer. We saw physical healings like A BLIND EYE OPENED and A DEAF EAR RESTORED!!! Sooooo cool. Watch the video for the whole story 🙊🎥💥

God is WORKING MIRACLES in Tanzania!!


During our time in Tanzania, we sent 2 teams to an unreached village called Matala. Both teams experienced heavy spiritual warfare and struggled against the elements of heat and sun. The first team met a lot of pushback and struggled in many ways, but continued to persevere. We worshipped and interceded in the public square and saw a few precious salvations.

The second team also worshipped and interceded— and they were able to break further into the spiritual barriers!! During one market day, the team spent almost 2 hours worshipping in a public square and evangelizing. Because of persistence and relentless intercession from both teams, we saw 15 PEOPLE SAVED during that one market day in the public square!

On one of the last days, a small group of us went to the local clinic to pray over the sick, as we had been doing for the past 2 weeks. During those 2 weeks we had not always seen healings and our team struggled against the elements of heat and sun. It had been difficult to persevere. But on the last day, the team still obeyed and walked the long distance to the clinic. When they arrived, they prayed for a few people but realized there weren’t any other patients in the waiting room. After asking the doctor, he gladly told us what no one expected: “There is no one left. Over the past weeks, your teams have prayed over and HEALED EVERYONE WHO WAS SICK in this entire village!”

God is FIGHTING OUR BATTLES in Tanzania!


One of my personal favorite parts of outreach was worshipping in Swahili, in churches and with people groups all over Tanzania.

A worship gathering with the current DTS at YWAM Kilimanjaro, singing “Ndio Bwana” (Yes Lord)

Our worship breaks unseen walls of intimidation and fear. Our worship encourages and uplifts the body of Christ! Our worship connects us in love for one another. Our worship opens a pathway for us to feel the love of God and to express our pure devotion to Him.

Dancing with children at King’s Kids in Kilimanjaro and singing the song “Yesu wa Baraka” (Jesus of Blessings)

God is HAVING A PRAISE PARTY in Tanzania!


A beautiful sunrise over Mount Kilimanjaro as seen from the remote village of Engikaret, Tanzania. Even though some people groups in Tanzania are still unreached by missionaries, God is already revealing His glorious nature to them…
"For since the creation of the world God’s invisible qualities—his eternal power and divine nature—have been clearly seen, being understood from what has been made..." (Romans 1:20, NIV)

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