The Lord Will Provide – Jehovah Jireh!

Dear Readers,

I will start this blog post update with a PRAISE REPORT! I am so grateful and humbled to announce that I am FULLY FUNDED FOR BOTH MY CAMPUS AND OUTREACH PHASES OF MY DISCIPLESHIP TRAINING SCHOOL. Thank you to everyone who has given sacrificially to support me. It has been such an encouragement to receive your financial support, kind words, and prayers.

Today was the first day of our Orlando Discipleship Training School at Youth With a Mission. There are many changes and adjustments that have the power to wear me down mentally, emotionally, and physically. But God has been continuing to renew my spirit through prayer reminders, corporate worship, and the presence of His comforting Holy Spirit. Over the past few weeks, I have been reading the book of Isaiah. This morning, I opened by Bible to Isaiah 61, which begins:

This passage and the subsequent chapters were an encouragement at the beginning of the morning that God is sending me into this experience for a reason and He is paving the way for relationships, outreach, and the songs that I am praying to receive from Him.

Through the fast-paced settling in process, I have been experiencing some doubts and heaviness centered around leaving home and my treasured community there. We started our first group DTS meeting by worshipping together as the staff prayed over the students and we declared God’s promises. I declared that– even though I am in a new place and there will be awkward moments– I am not alone!

Never been so free caught in Your love for me

Never been more secure, knowing Your heart, Lord

“Joy” by Housefires

Thank you for reading! More updates coming soon. 🙂

Our beautiful campus

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  1. So excited for this new adventure that God has set before you. In your vulnerability and weakness, He will call you to deeper surrender and greater freedom. I know you know, but it helps to be reminded. God’s got you! He’s your Champion who fights for you and through you! Isaiah 61 was my Chapter for last year… Put on that garment of praise!

  2. The foreign sense of not belonging yet will vanish soon, little sister! It’s understandable, and I’m so glad you’re experiencing it and allowing us into the vulnerability that will give way to adventure in every arena. Brokenness sounds more poetic than it feels, but girl, you will know God differently because of it. Let it happen. No one can fill your place at the table back home; it’s yours forever!

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